Family Owned & Operated Home Inspection Services in Alabama

Safety First Home Inspectors offer thorough home inspections. Performing over 10,000 inspections over 20+ years our team brings knowledge, expertise, and friendly customer service that has our clients telling their friends why they trust and choose Safety First.

Air Quality Testing

Pollen, dander, dust particles, and more can be present in the home triggering allergies and overall contributing to a poor air quality in your home. We test air quality and can provide recommendations based upon our test results.

Infrared Imaging

Testing our homes doors and windows can show us where we are losing cool air in our homes and in turn wasting precious dollars on electric bills, especially in the hot and humid Alabama summers. Let us show you how energy efficient the home is during our inspection.

Mold Testing

Along with particles in the air – mold can be a very real hidden danger. Oftentimes scentless – and even attempted to be covered up by previous homeowners – we will perform a thorough inspection and will alert you to any suspicion of mold.

Termite Inspection

Termite infestations are a big problem caused by a small insect. Infestations can greatly weaken the structural integrity of a home if not properly dealt with in a timely manner. Don’t sacrifice your investment because you didn’t receive a thorough home inspection from another business – always put Safety First.

Quality Reports

We provide each and everyone of our customers with a quality report that breaks down our findings and results. We are always happy to review with you and walk through the home together to point out discoveries within our report. We also provide local resources for resolutions to anything of concern we discover during our thorough home inspection.